The weekly update has been released!

This update is available to ALL members, with the public build being released in a few days.

I had a stinking head cold this week so it’s mostly setup stuff this time – focused on The Beast! Yes, your Edlritch pursuer is going to enjoy a lot more screentime going forward. Yay? There’s also a new Qarinah daydream, too! Plus, lots and lots of fixes and polishes! I hope you enjoy! 🙂

“What do you want me to polish, Master?”


  1. Beast: A new Beast event! You have to have Magic at 4 or higher and go to sleep (alone) in your room
  2. Beast: You now have a 10% chance to encounter the Beast in certain locations at night. It does not go well for you
  3. Qarinah: New naughty event! (MAID DAYDREAM) Go to the Manor Garden and select “Daydream”
  4. Misc: Shifted the requirement for Chloe’s naughty “Fey Form” option to a later point to make more sense
  5. Bug: You can no longer interact with the Twins and their Mom at the Manor pool in the evening
  6. Bug: Shifted the Pool Twins’ mom under Jessica on the overlay so her hair won’t get in Jess’s mouth!
  7. Bug: You can no longer get Kana pregnant if you haven’t unlocked the Nexus yet
  8. Bug: Arrested and… “corrected”… a rogue typo


I hope you enjoy this week’s update! Next Early Access update will be next Monday, 25th of April!

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  1. Error in the name of the post!

  2. Mk….Why is the beast suddenly back? did MyLittleSuccuBOSS lose or something? It was so endearing that Quarima basically told hin to fuck off and he did.

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