Hello, everyone!

Yes, it’s time for another KINK POLL! I run this poll every two months or so to get an idea of what the current playerbase wants and to help shape the future naughtiness of CK. So let your voices be heard and help decide the sexy fate that lies in store for the girls (and maybe boys?) of Corrupted Kingdoms!

(Note: this isn’t a poll with a “winner” – I’m looking at the spread, not just the top three options!)

Emma would be very happy if you could take a second to help her out with the vote!

Vote below and decide what lies in store for the inhabitants of the Corrupted Kingdoms!

(Oh, and you can vote for as many options as you like!)

Tier Level Required

  • Level Two or Higher
  • Level Two or Higher

A huge thank you, as always, to all my supporters!
You make all this possible. Happy voting!

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