The weekly update has been released!

This update is available to ALL members, with the public build being released in a few days.

This week it’s the Pool Twins update! Yes, at long last you get to have fun with them… and their mom! Also, I added a way for people to get Lily’s CASINO outfit if you missed it in Act One! I hope you enjoy! 🙂

The Twins are waiting!


  1. Pool Twins: New COLLEGE naughty event with the pool twins! (Yes, it’s finally happening!)
  2. Pool Twins: You can now invite the Pool Twins (and their mom!) to the Manor pool!
  3. Pool Twins: New MANOR POOL naughty event with the pool twins! (I’m spoiling you, admit it)
  4. PTA Ladies: New MANOR POOL naughty event with the pool twins’ mom!
  5. Lily: Added a guaranteed chance to get Lily’s CASINO outfit in Act Two if you missed it in Act One
  6. Bug: Ami was projecting her astral essence into the wrong rooms at the wrong times. I asked her to stop and gave her some cheese
  7. Bug: You can no longer be naughty with Chloe’s Fey Forms before the relevant part of the story


I hope you enjoy this week’s update! Next Early Access update will be next Monday, 18th of April!

Comments (6)

  1. HadrianTheFirst

    Wonderful, some additional pool sex aside from Gwen’s. Hell yes, brotha.

  2. how i get the last clothe from chloe, gwen and jessica?

    • The Arcadean

      Chloe = on weekend morning, visit Chloe’s bedroom (Jessica must be at love level 3 or higher)

      Gwen & Jessica = buy the Manor and its “Dungeon” upgrade. Then put all the Hallowe’en decorations in your room (coffin bed, jack o’ lantern decoration and Hallowe’en poster) and visit the dungeon in the evening.

  3. Anemic_Dragon

    Bug founded:
    You can activate the events of the twins and their mother even if it is evening, if you already called them earlier.

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